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02 /13 /2017
Living the Life of a Beggar Written by Merve on February 27, 2007 Beggars are often misunderstood as people who have given up on life and choose to beg for support in the form of pennies and loose change. To these people, feeling that they have given up any hope of getting their feet back on the ground is a normal response if they were asked up close and personal. While sharing a nickel or a quarter may go a long way for them, it is hard to believe the people would simply lie over and die. But to some people in such an unfortunate situation, it is more than simple surrender but another aspect of personal proportions that have led them to lose hope and live the rest of their days in misery. Money and support is not all the things in a person's life. The matter of affection and care is also an invisible need that people tend to overlook. For people who fill the streets in rags and dirty clothes, a simple comfort and smile may eventually give
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