Origin Features, founded entirely by high school students, is the only non-profitable student film corporation/company in Shanghai.
We produce high quality short films, as well as non-fiction/non-story videos we do our best to support all high school students in Shanghai to achieve their film-making dream.
Organizational Structure

We are not a club.
We are not a Movie Studio.
We are the one and only Origin Features.


Origin Feature is not only a film corporation/company, but also a comprehensive brand for short film making, film propagation/transmission, and sponsorship towards student film-making. Everyone who is interested in film making could find their place in our family.

Our Sponsors
We form alliance with 16 international schools in Shanghai. We collaborate with numerous colleges headed by Shanghai Theatre Academy,
ROSSO Fashion and Art Education, and Shanghai International Jingan 2Days Short Film Competition as technology partner.
We also have several professional consultants, and location and staff support from SHHSVU.
Our Concept
Origin, initiate inspiration.
What Are We Going to Do?

We collaborate with SHHSVU on projects including short film and videos for publicity, expressions of ideas, or just simply telling a story. Our films do not seek attention, nor profit. We just hope to receive sincere feedbacks.

Meanwhile, Origin Feature’s fictional short films will be an on-going project. We focus on a high quality production and original inspirations.


A Chinese idiom “The mountain has brought forth a mouse”, is used to describe things with a brave beginning but a weak ending. What we are unwilling to see is students quitting because of weak responses or lack of audiences. Therefore, we invite participated teams to an exhibition-competition/competition. We set a exhibition in 2017 to decide the final winners, all works will be judged and awarded by teachers from professional film school. The awards include: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, etc.


Project DAP is the first large-scale public event hosted by Origin Features. In Project DAP, we devote ourselves to help students produce their own short films. We will assist students by supporting their filmmaking with funds and equipment support. At Origin Features, everyone can join the fair competition on the platform we provide, as long as there are creativity and mature ideas.


John Jiang

CEO, director

Julia Wang

CBO, designer

Wendy Sze

Writer, documentation

Ariel He

Artistic inspector

Alvin Xu

CNO, Connection officer

Jerry Tao


Devina Fan

CPO, Resource management

Our supporters & sponsors



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